Youth Training

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Flexibility.  Complete Core Strenghtening.

Single Leg Glute Extension

Youth Strength & Conditioning Classes

Currently Team Vertical Fitness is dedicating Wednesday & Thursday nights for youth group training, that includes strength, conditioning and stability.
Using specialized equipment, the session will include Vertical Movement, MultiForce resistance system and sport specific movements.
Please use the scheduling link, to book your sesssion.

BASKETBALL: Wednesday Evenings, 2 sessions, 6:45pm and 7:30pm
LACROSSE: Thursday Evenings, 1 session, 5:00pm
FEE: $10 (You have the option of making payment during the scheduling process)

WAIVER:  If you do not have a waiver on file, please download one to fill out and bring in, or you can email a request for an e-signature electronic version.  IF you previously provided a waiver, they will remain on file.

Please note, classes will start on time.
We welcome parents to stay and observe!

Sessions will start on time! Please be a few minutes early to get checked in.

The scheduling link will allow you to book and make payment at the same time.
If you need to make payment separately, please use the Payment button.

Please do not hesitate to call with questions:  720-300-3929
Private and Small Group Training is also available.

If your sport or preferred time slot is not on the schedule,
please call to discuss starting a program for your team!

“Team Vertical Fitness, powered by G-NAT™, is designed to deliver exceptional results to any age, occupation or sport, from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the most extreme athlete.”

Why G-NAT™ Vertical Movement Systems™?

Vertical Movement Systems™ empower trainters with the ability to create new and specific functional movements for young athletes. It also allows them to comfortably and safely learn and improve on basic movements of the body.

Vertical Movement™ activates all 602 motor muscles in the body and works to flush, fortify, expand, and contract every muscle throughout the vertical movements.
Vertical Movement™ decompresses all the joints in the body from finger tip to toe, except those in the neck. Great for youth as it does not threaten the growth plates.

Brain training is a strong benefit of Vertical Training. All the muscles in the body are forced to connect to the brain and the inner ear simultaneously improving balance, coordination, speed and agility. Vertical Movement™ creates circulation to all of the muscles in the body, and reboots the brain, improving mental performance.

G-NAT™ can strengthen the whole body, stabilize the joints and lower the risk of injury. Build endurance, speed, balance and coordination in a fraction of the time without damaging joints like traditional training methods. The minimal amount of time exercising on a VMS™ can give you back more time to practice your skills and play or compete closer to 100% of your potential.

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